What You Should Consider When Leaving The Country

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The prospect of leaving the country can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking one. Many people leave for pastures new as a result of a job offer, to be closer to family, or just to carve out a better lifestyle, but there is a plethora of considerations to make before embarking on the big move.

Get The Money Sorted

The biggest and most obvious consideration is whether you have the money to do it. It’s extremely important that you have enough to enjoy life in your new location. Recently there have been a number of retired ex-pats in Europe struggling to make ends meet due to Eurozone inflation, so making sure your new career is going to be enough to cover you is of utmost importance. If you’re leaving with a family, you also need to make sure there are adequate job opportunities for your partner so they can offer financial support to the family as soon as possible. If you’re retiring abroad then having everything in place to collect your pension and other investments in your new home is vital.

Unfortunately the UK housing market, while on the uptake, is still in dire straits, so it can be hard to find buyers for your home within a set time-frame. This either means you have to plan well in advance or just hope that you get a buyer and the chain stays strong before you leave. However, if time is an issue, such as when you have to start your job on a certain date, using property buyer is a possible option. This ensures a quick home sale and you won’t have to worry about chains. Companies like Tom Craven can give you a valuation for free.

If you have school-age children then it’s wise to spend a substantial amount of time researching schools in the area. You can either do this with the internet or get in touch with your future colleagues or employer for advice.

Finally, before you go, it’s wise to tie up loose ends with your bank, relatives and the HMRC. Make sure you shop around for shipping quotes when it comes to your belongings and cut down as much cargo as possible before the move.

While moving abroad can be an exhausting and stressful time, it will ultimately be worth it when you settle down with the job of your dreams in a whole new country where you’ll be making new friends and memories.

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