Water Booster Pumps: The Solution to Low Water Pressure

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It could be stated that we all take a steady, constant flow of water somewhat for granted and it is not until a problem arises with our water supply that we realise quite how much we rely on it. From helping to keep us alive through good hydration to maintaining an acceptable level of hygiene by allowing us to shower, bath and wash clothes, water plays a hugely important role in everyday life, therefore a good level of pressure behind the water we have coming through our taps and appliances is essential.

However, the desired level of water pressure is not always available to some all of the time. Read on for a fictional case study whereby the problem of low water pressure is highlighted and details a potential solution that is available to resolve the issue;

Case Study

A family of three living on the eighth floor in a high rise block of flats in the centre of a city. The block contains 240 flats, all of which are occupied.

The Problem

In a block of flats like this, demand for water is going to be high at peak periods of the day. In the mornings, evenings and weekends when most people are in their flats either before they head off to work or school, at the end of the working day or as they relax at the end of the week, occupants are all likely to require water at the same time, which can put the water system for the block under increased pressure.

As a result of this increase in demand, the pressure of the water coming through to each flat could be reduced, which in turn causes problems for the family of three as they look to wash, prepare food or wash clothes as the water pressure is not high enough to meet their needs.

Aside from being incredibly frustrating, a lack of water pressure at peak times can impact upon quality of life. Whilst most people in the UK can simply take a shower, for instance, whenever they wish, due to a lack of pressure when you need it most, you could be forced to miss out as you have no choice but to continue with your daily routine without delay.

The Solution

There is now however a solution to this problem in the form of water booster pumps, which can ensure constant water pressure throughout the day, even during the most in demand periods. It is not just the family of three that could benefit from improved water pressure once the booster pump had been installed though as it would in fact work for every single flat in the block if installed in the basement.

Water booster pumps benefit from a highly innovative design that sees the pressure stay at a constant level when demand increases, with the pump itself actually speeding up to meet the needs of the occupants. This variable speed pump system therefore ensures that, no matter how high the demand for water is from the block of flats, the pressure will never falter and low water pressure will no longer be a problem.

For those living in large blocks of flats or even a remote location a long way from the water source, the common problems of low water pressure will no longer be an issue following the introduction of a water booster pump, so our fictional family of three in their eighth floor flat will have suitable pressure to wash and clean whenever they require!

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