Video how to fight bankruptcy by writing down business mortgages

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Anyone who has watched the news over the last few years will have seen the rise in business repossessions. Banks can often be relentless when forcing people into bankruptcy by calling in the loans on assets purchased for a business. Banks often do it even when the business is trading profitably. This can include landlord portfolios, retail, all kinds of commercial property, care homes, hotels and any other kind of business that is commercially financed.

The short, fun, video in this post shows you how we can help you to get the mortgages banks try to call in written down and refinanced so that you can stay in business and not lose all of your assets simply because the banks want to reduce their loan book to pay off their own excess of the last few years.

You will not be able to negotiate with the banks yourself, because no matter how much you try to comply, if they have decided they want your assets they will not stop until they have them, it might be worth selling and getting through the conveyancing process rapidly. The plain fact is this, banks do not care about you, they care only about their own balance sheets.

Mortgages have to be negotiated with at the highest level, local managers do not have the authority to action anything, all their directives come from higher up.
Our team has helped with all the major banks including NRAM, Barclays, RBS, Mortgage Express and Lloyds. Dont let the banks force you into bankruptcy by stealing everything you have worked for fight back with our professional business turnaround team.

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