Tips to increase the value of your home

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There are some really easy ways to increase the value of our homes. The first time a buyer sees your home, they fall in love, they don’t like it, or they are reserved. If they fall in love the little bits after just don’t seem to matter nearly as much as they did before and the overall feel to the property takes on a positive vibe. We look at how we create that feel without breaking the bank and spending too much time making the changes.

Did you know the most common thing, people have made up their minds sometimes before they make it to the gate. If the neighbours homes are in excellent condition and the streets are free from rubbish, there is no dog faeces, and the cars on the road are not all battered and dirty. I’m guilty. The first houses I sold I forgot to go outside and take a look at what the potential buyers might think. I’ve been the neighbourhood so long I forget the little things. I didn’t go out and tidy the road, trim the neighbours bush (if they would give permission) and I didn’t oil the squeaky gate. I forgot about the flaws in my home. It hurts, but bring a pompous friend around and ask them what they think and tell them please do not hold back. It’s the only way you will find yourself getting the best from your home from a first impression.

Make sure when the buyer rings the bell, that the bell really works, I mean come on, what could be worse than a faulty bell. That means the new owner will start looking at all the little things and you really don’t want that, you want to sell  the home as the complete package and this is going to do wonders for the speed of the sale and conveyancing.

They walk through the door, an absolute must is the property smells wonderful. If your home smells of nappies and foul odours it’s really going to set the tone for a negative viewing. I’m sure we’ve all been put off by the smell of food or something in our lives and it is not pleasant.

Personally I don’t turn the lights on, I know we want as much light as possible into our homes when the new potential owners arrive, but what could be more off putting than at lunchtime, overlooking the garden from the lounge, knowing that the light needs to be on because there is not enough natural light. We want to highlight the benefits of the property, not highlight the flaws.

Freshly cut flowers makes for a brilliant ambience in kitchen and lounge. They look great, and can smell wonderful. We must make the buyer feel cozy, like they want to live here and not living here is  missing out on a great lifestyle. If we can achieve that, not only are we going to sell our properties for the market price, we may even geta bidding war going. I have been fortunate enough to have the situation where three buyers all wanted my property and a war broke out. I took the highest offer, and because I have morals I told them I will not take another offer but we must complete on such and such a date. The couple were delighted and the sale went through quickly  because they were cash purchasers.

Make sure these basics are in place and you give your property the best possible chance of sale. I mean they might not like the layout. The neighbours might be a problem with their workshop, you can’t help that, but you can do your bit.

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