Tax & Pensions

Asset Trusts

asset trust book1

This trust can protect all these types of assets; cash, property, shares,jewelry,cars,insurance policies, commercial properties, QROPS assets art, antiques and more. They allow you to;

  • Ring-fence all your assets & cash for life.
  • Assets protected from divorce and bankruptcy.
  • Negate your tax liability, for you & your descendants.
  • Foreign property can be protected even in QROPS etc
  • Trust set up costs can be financed.
  • Great for those who are asset rich but cash poor.
  • Buy to let properties can be protected-including the income.

For the asset rich, who wish to protect their wealth & family for future generations.

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Specialist Pension Trust

pension trust book

Did you know, that your pension could be lost if you die before you have used any, or all of it? Any unused pension gets sent back to government coffers.

  • Take control of your pension pot NOW.
  • Bequest unused pension to your beneficiaries.
  • Spend it, save it and invest part or all of it as you choose.
  • Requires funds of £60k or over.
  • Use funds for re-investment purposes.
  • Remember-it’s IHT FREE for you and your beneficiaries.

** Pension Trusts are under review due to the recent Government Scorpio directive & will relaunch in the first quarter of 2014.

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Income Trust

asset trust book1

These are for self employed earners who wish to significantly reduce their tax burden, if you are a high income earner you can use this to protect it. they are for:

  • Self employed as a sole trader, limited company or LLP etc.
  • Want to protect your income from future tax.
  • Get income from any self employed source.
  • You earn income from property rentals or developments.
  • An internet marketer, consultant, sell products or services from any source etc.

This is not a tax ‘loophole, tax dodge, tax avoidance scheme. It is a fully legal system, passed by HMRC.

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Fiduciary Trusts

fiduciary trust book

These are based on UK commercial trust law, and for the HMRC to challenge this system would mean rewriting the whole of UK tax law. They allow you to;

  • Ring-fence all your assets and earnings for life.
  • Negate your tax liability, for you and your descendants.
  • Choose to the amount of tax payable.
  • Control your own UK tax situation-forever.
  • Set up and run by the top barristers in the UK.
  • You can manage your own assets tax free.

If you have made your wealth and wish to protect it for yourself and your family for generations to come this is the best solution.

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In these times it is even more important to get a grip on your own tax situation and start planning both for now and your future. Our advisers can help you find a way through the tax maze. We’ll  show you methods that most accountants know nothing about.

The thing about money is, it’s not about what you earn, it’s about what you have left.