Stop! Save Our Sash Windows From UPVC Invasion

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Anyone that comes across me knows that I am a big fan of keeping our British heritage property intact. We have some unique property in this country that in my opinion should be preserved. I’m not talking about true listed heritage, but our more common or garden variety Victorian and Edwardian street terraces which can be found in most of our towns and cities.

Sash Is Best

One of my biggest bug bears is the wanton ripping out of old style wooden sash windows in favour of cheap looking plastic (UPVC) ones for no real reason other than double glazing or modernisation. In many cases a lot of the windows I’ve seen taken out are perfectly serviceable and could be rescued with a little work and a LOT less expense than replacing with cheapo plastic or aluminium rubbish which do not suit the building. Add to this the fact that when you replace windows you often have to take out all the internal woodwork too, which, on the whole is replaced with cheapo MDF, or worse- more plastic! Nice.

Consider also, that most of the cost in UPVC double glazing comes in the making good after they are fitted, not in the windows themselves, which are relatively inexpensive to produce.

Another Builder, Another Sash Rip Out

Two doors down from me this is happening again. Builders have moved in on a property. It’s a lovely decorative large Victorian terrace. Builders have  ripped out the sashes and replaced with the cheapest, ugliest windows I’ve seen in a long time. This type of replacement is destroying the very soul of our streets and creating a mish-mash of styles and quality.

I wandered past there yesterday after they had left to *ahem* inspect the sashes taken out.There was nothing wrong with them that a few quick repairs that a competent chippie could not sort out. When I see this going on, my heart sinks. Another hatchet job on lovely old windows, which will more than likely end up at landfill.

Lets Start A Campaign!

Personally I would love to start a campaign to ban this type of practice so that the integrity of our streets can be kept and not destroyed by the absence of proper planning rules. If I had my way, Victorian and Edwardian property would have some form of lower listed buildings consent required, particularly for external works.

For The Record…

Old sash windows can now be repaired to obtain drought proof, non rattle, double glazed windows which are in keeping with the style of the building and dont look like some alien has taken root at the front of your home. These new style repairs are just as efficient as UPVC or aluminium, so come on people, have some taste, save some money and keep your old windows.

Think of the saying “the eyes are the windows of the soul” and transfer that to buildings as; ‘windows are the eyes to the soul of the interior” then you will get the idea. Windows hint at the taste level I will find inside. Or is that just me??

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