South to North,Moving from England to Scotland

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Relocating To Scotland

Scotland receives a steady influx of migrants annually, many of them relocating from England. Employment and education opportunities have always contributed significantly to this trend, with benefits like no prescription charges, good schools and cheaper properties in Scotland adding to its appeal. With some of the best education establishments in the UK, cities like Edinburgh are becoming increasingly desirable study locations.

The absence of university fees for Scottish residents has become yet another incentive for families making the south to north transition. Culture and reputation similarly have a part to play, with Edinburgh in particular flourishing as an internationally renowned cultural hub.

Moving Motivation

Those who are relocating from south to north are often primarily motivated by a work or study opportunity, thus committing them to the specific area of Scotland in which their establishment is based. Although students most commonly choose to rent, people relocating for career purposes are frequently looking at a long-term commitment, and consequently wish to buy property.

Whilst house prices have evened out after an earlier advantage to those buying in Scotland, buyers may still get more for their money when moving north, depending on the location. Edinburgh is a consistently popular destination, and although prices in the city reflect this, there are more economical options in the city suburbs. Choosing to commute is a popular and appealing choice.

The Best Locations

Luckily for those relocating to Edinburgh, there are several desirable locations around the city itself and in nearby Fife which are within easily commutable distance. Dalgety Bay is a common example: a picturesque coastal town which has become known for its popularity as a commuter hub. Stretching over several bays, the town is an attractive alternative to city life, with property for sale in Dalgety Bay ever on the increase due to new developments.

The West Lothian town of Livingston is another favoured alternative, fifteen miles west of the city. Houses for sale in Livingston are competitively priced and the area boasts all the convenience of a large town (it being the seventh biggest settlement in Scotland).

Help For Those Moving From England To Scotland

For those making the south to north transition, help is a hand. Services like Search and Buying advisers are becoming increasingly valuable, assisting buyers in finding suitable accommodation within their specified area and budget. Hiring an S&BA often ensures that the transition is an all round smoother process. These independent service providers assist buyers with various aspect of home buying from the start to the end of a move. This can include services such as school searches, home searches, and the attendance of property viewings to cut down on unnecessary traveling for the buyer.

Many Scottish Estate Agents also specialise in assisting those making the south to north move, providing valuable advice and tailored services based on years of experience in the relevant areas. This is important when considering that the Scottish house buying market has its own unique features which English buyers may not be aware of.

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