Should I Repair My Sash Windows Before Sale?

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If there’s one thing that has killed a sale in many more ways than one, it is your sash windows. Traditional properties in London will typically have sliding sash windows. There is a huge problem with sash windows being replaced with UPVC or sashes removed and large panes of glass installed into the original frame this is called a Louvre Window and they are dangerous and they look hideous. That is to put it nicely.

Let’s look at the scenario that you have had full UPVC replacement. This is a disaster if I can be honest. No really, this is such a problem and it is constructive criticism so please bare that in mind when I say this. Potential buyers are going to zoom in on this flaw like honey to bees. The normal procedure when a London home changes hands now is that it should be in excellent structural condition and any flaws can result in the new buyer requesting a reduced property price and this is both frustrating and it can even mean the loss of a sale in the case of UPVC windows because they can now only be replaced with double glazed sash windows. The typical cost for a double glazed sash window is now £2000 !!! If you have fifteen windows this can represent 5% of the value of your property which is a cost that is not absorbable and will destroy most potential sales. It is certainly not going to do anything to improve the house valuation so that one might renegotiate. You will need to wait for a buyer that is less savvy. That is the bottom line.

In the situation I have described regarding Louvres. This is no a complete disaster because having two sashes made and installed into the old frame will bring the windows up to a good structural standard and so there will not be any large penalties come the time when the property goes under survey. This is work you absolutely should have done before going on the market as a buyer may try to push entire replacement cost on you, not only because they are greedy but because  they may not know the extensive options that are available for this situation. If you’re unsure about any of the above then I would urge you to take a look at this page detailing sash window tips to protecting the value of your home.

One more factor is the structural condition of your sash windows. Do you need sash window repairs? If you need sash window repairs then it’s an absolute must that you contact a reputable company because repair of sash windows can be inexpensive and will close a serious issue on the survey. There is also the situation that these repairs may hold up the sale of a property. A one month delay in mortgage might equate to the whole cost of the job. If you need sash window sill replacement then you certainly do not need to entire replace your sash windows. London Sash Window Repairs Ltd have been kind enough to share a couple of images with us and prices of repairs so that we can asses the value compared with replacement.

Images kindly supplied by London Sash Window Repairs Ltd

I am reliably informed that these repairs cost as little as £120 per sash if combined with an overhaul and draught proof, which seems cheap but the sash window prices are published publicly. This is a massive saving on the entire replacement price. We must factor that we need to decorate and this is a cost if we do not have the spare time ourselves. All the same it is still a massive positive over the entire replacement costings. If you’s like to know more then please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

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