£5k minimum

  • Join the fund, experts trade your money.
  • No need to learn stock trading.
  • Compounded returns possible.
  • £5,000 minimum investment.
  • SIPPS approved pension product.
  • Easy access, no long term commitment.
  • Been around many years.

Returns can vary between 4-20% depending on how the stock markets are going per month. CFD trading is considered high risk.Estimated compounded monthly return currently 1-3% per month.

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General Information

15px10 quick facts

  1. Our regulated traders have a combined experience of over 17 years in the city.
  2. You must get financial advice from our expert.
  3. You can personally meet the traders.
  4. No long term tie ins for your capital.
  5. Both funds allow compounding.
  6. We have tested the investments with our own money.
  7. Very robust and have been around for a number of years.
  8. Keep track of your investments via Bloomberg.
  9. You will never loose more than the principal sum invested.
  10. Traders trade both long and short-more chances to win.

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