How Will Your Garden Affect Your Home’s Saleability ?

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If you’re trying to sell a property, it’s absolutely crucial that you prepare for viewings properly. First impressions are everything, and at the end of the day, you’ll never find a buyer if everyone who drops by for a look is instantly put off by the poor house you keep.

Now, if you’ve any common sense, this won’t come as a revelation. If a stranger is coming to see your home, making the place look presentable should be an instinctive reaction – especially since that stranger is trying to decide whether or not they want your home to be their home. And so you roll up your sleeves and get to work: dusting the furniture, scrubbing the counters, cleaning the lavatory, and spraying anti-odour stuff about like it’s going out of fashion.
So now you have a spotless house to show off to potential buyers. They arrive, and they’re impressed; they love the living room, they’re crazy about the kitchen, they’re bedazzled by the bathroom and besotted with the bedroom.

Make The Garden Count

But when they pop out for a peek at the back garden, they seem a little disappointed. It doesn’t live up to the rest of the house, and if they’ve got their heart set on having a nice outdoor space, this minor oversight could well prove to be the deal breaker.
The state of your garden will absolutely have an impact on your home’s saleability. Even if your prospective purchaser isn’t likely to be growing their own vegetables and hosting outdoor dinner parties, a nice low maintenance garden will still appeal to them; conversely, if your garden is somewhat lacking, that may be enough to put someone off.

Some Practical Garden Advice

The obvious course of action is to spruce up the garden, to go at it with that same sense of purpose that got your living room, bathroom and kitchen looking so good. Mow the lawn, cut back any overgrown plant life, and get rid of any junk that’s cluttering up your outdoor space.
Any avid gardeners will probably be feeling pretty secure in the knowledge that their manicured lawn, vibrant flowerbeds, and spectacular landscaping efforts will serve them well, should they ever decide to up sticks.
Sadly, they could be just as doomed as the people who neglect their garden completely; according to This is Money, an outstanding outdoor space may be just as discouraging to potential buyers because it will require more looking-after than they’re prepared to provide for it.

Low Maintenance Gardens Are Key

The lesson here is as that for optimum saleability, you have to find a happy medium. Don’t show potential buyers a garden that’s gone to wrack and to ruin, because all they’ll be able to think about is how much effort and money it will take to revamp it. By that same token, try not to intimidate them with your avid gardening ability either, because again, there’s a chance that they’ll just see a big dose of back-breaking labour that they may not be able to deal with.

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