How To Save Money On Removal Companies In Edinburgh

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Moving house in Edinburgh can be an expensive business, and there are all sorts of costs to consider. With many home owners in the area choosing to downsize this year, saving money during the moving process has become more important than ever. Removal companies in Edinburgh are numerous, and you can reduce costs by considering the following when making your selection.

De-clutter And Clear Out

The first step to saving money is to sort through your possessions, room by room, and getting rid of anything that you don’t want or need in your next home.

Having a car boot sale or sending items to auction is a good way to make a bit of extra cash. Especially consider getting rid of large, bulky objects that are surplus to requirements. Even the small things matter- downsize on your book collection and wardrobe too. As companies often charge by volume, de-cluttering can help you to get a cheaper deal.

Packing Tips

Be organised and start collecting packing materials in plenty of time. There is no need to buy boxes, paper and bubble wrap, just ask local shops and collect the materials you need gradually and you can easily spare yourself this expense. Also, make time to pack yourself. Although many companies do offer packing services they are usually expensive and impractical for people on a tight budget.

Consider A DIY Move

Take a look at the volume of possession you have to move. Would it be possible to do the lifting and carrying yourself? You can save lots of money by hiring a van instead of a removals company. Of course, you need to be confident in driving a van, or find a friend who is. Consider recruiting friends and family to help you load and unload the van too, and check the hourly rate for van hire beforehand so you can draw up a schedule. Also, shop around to find Edinburgh’s best value companies.

Shopping Around

If you can’t do without a hiring someone then you can still save money by choosing the right one. There can be significant differences between quotes from different companies.

You may also wish to contact a few firms based in outlying areas of Edinburgh, as city centre firms can be more expensive. Search online to find a variety of firms and contact them for quotes. You can then find the cheapest deal available.

Lighten The Load

Some removal companies will charge extra for certain types of objects such as valuables, antiques and large loads. They may agree a lower price if you decide to move some difficult/ delicate objects yourself. If they charge on volume, think about packing clothes and easy to carry items in your car and moving them yourself. This also goes for garden and shed items which can take up much more room in the removal van than you expect.

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