How To Save Money On A Kitchen Renovation

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I’ve renovated quite a few kitchens in my time and the one main key to saving money when renovating a kitchen is to give yourself time to plan it properly and do some research before you begin. Labour can add up to significant amounts, so decide how much you are able or willing to do yourself before you plan the costings.

Another big kitchen renovation expenses is moving services like gas, electricity and water. If the layout of the kitchen works as it is then it’s better to keep those services in place, or at least very close to where they are currently sited. Running new pipes and electrics is costly.


New appliances can sometimes cost more than double than the actual units and doors. Think about how you can source them cheaper or reuse the ones you have already if possible. Many of the larger stores have their own auction sites online now-such as Argos and Comet where end of ranges are sold off cheaper. And, don’t dismiss Ebay.During my last kitchen money saving extravaganza I found a fantastic chap who lives near me. He takes out quality kitchens from high end houses and resells the nearly new appliances and cabinets online. By shopping around you can find slightly scratched, ex display or damaged box appliances for 40-60% off in the major stores. Big DIY stores sell off their showroom stock when new stock is due in and you can put your name down to be notified by them if you just ask nicely ;-)

Oh, and don’t forget, old metal appliances or pipes can be recycled to get cash back in metal recycling yards.


If you have decided on a non-fitted look with separate free standing units then its definitely worth checking Ebay. I’ve seen many solid wood hand built units from carpenters, with sinks already sited on the unit, for very reasonable prices. By the way, I’ve used free standing Ikea units before and they are not very robust. I find they tend to look tatty very quickly, and the work surface stains/scratches easily.

For fitted kitchens there are two ways to you can go; rigid pre built cabinets which will last longer, or flat pack which are cheaper.Flat pack are perfectly fine so long as they are put together well and firmly screwed to the wall for support. Most property developers prefer the rigid Kitchens from Howdens etc due to the speed, robustness and ease of fitting, but that are more expensive.

Saving Money Tips & Hints

  • Painting kitchen cabinets a neutral colour can make them look more expensive without the need for change.
  • Changing only the doors, handles,taps and work surface can update without major expense.
  • Quality worktops and flooring and handles will give illusion of a more expensive kitchen.
  • Don’t put laminate flooring in a kitchen, even the “moisture resistant” ones will warp and chip quickly.
  • if you are considering using Ikea cabinets etc, be aware their sizes are not always the same as UK and can cause problems when fitting.

And Finally….

If you have storage space and can wait to remodel, remember that many retailers have some of their best sales in January and February to clear out their unsold Christmas stock. It’s a good time to buy appliances, tile, fixtures and lighting etc. With this slow economy, keep an eye out for liquidated stock too.

Many online companies use Ebay as an advertising medium due to the massive volume of traffic the site gets, you can discover some great cheaper online only companies this way. As an example, I found a wood worktop supplier who sells items at approximately 50-60% less than retail. What tips do you have for saving money on kitchen renovations?

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