How to Properly Prepare Your Home for Sale

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Depending on what you read and on what day of the week you read it, you’ll find that some say it’s a buyer’s market while others insist it’s a seller’s market. The fact of the matter is that selling your home really depends on the context of your particular situation. If you have an appealing home that stands out as a safe investment to a potential buyer, then the odds of selling in any market greatly increase.

Preparing your home for sale, as in making the necessary upgrades, repairs and staging it properly, typically entails a lot of work. Here, we show you ways to prepare yourself and your home for the next step: Putting it on the market and getting a great price for it.

Tips for Home Sale Preparation

1: Get Ready to Move Out
Any homeowner looking to sell has to be able to disassociate from the property. If you’re not really ready to move out, your staged home is going to read like it’s still yours. Buyers don’t want to see personalised paint schemes, murals, those little doorjamb height markers, etc.
You must say your goodbyes to your home as you know it. In the preparation for selling, it’s about presenting a potential home to others, not about selling people on the idea of living your life.

2: Make Necessary Upgrades
Buyers today want modern, upgraded features. So one way to ensure that your home is prepped and ready for sale is to make upgrades with your fridge, range, your fixtures, and other potential items like counter tops, windows, and perhaps even flooring.
You don’t have to necessarily buy top-shelf items when making the upgrades. Just make sure your home has a newer, more modern feel.

3: Take Stock of Any Damage
The slightest faucet drip, a moldy basement, or a little patch of water damage in your ceiling might cause a potential home buyer to look somewhere else. It’s up to you to take care of any such damage in your home.
If you have large issues, you can seek out some professionals to help you with professional damage restoration. For everything else though, just go through and make the necessary repairs to ensure that your home is tight, clean and dry.

4: Create a One-Size-Fits-All Palette
Going warm and neutral in your upgrades and colour schemes caters to a broader base. Stick in the white, beige and tan colour palette when you’re painting, putting down new floors, installing new counter tops, etc. Make sure things are comforting and easy on the eye while still standing out as a blank canvas.
The buyer should see him or herself living in the home, and a warm, neutral tone helps to paint this picture.

5: Make the Entire Property Appealing
An appealing property is one that really looks like a true home. What you need to focus on is removing the clutter, ditching things that are overly personal, and creating an atmosphere that the home buyer can see him or herself in.
Go through the cabinets and make sure they’re clean and organised. Make sure your closets are organised. Clean up the yard and remove all the clutter. Lastly, make sure that everything is clean, sparkling and shiny.
Selling a home in today’s market is all about presentation. If you have created a home setting that appeals to everyone, then there’s a much greater chance that someone is going to jump on it.

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