How to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

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What to Avoid When Decorating a Small Room

When decorating a small room, there are a few things that should be avoided. Certain colours make a small space feel even smaller, which is not an aspect that looks good in a small room. home spaceThings to avoid include:
– Dark paint colours
– Horizontal stripes
– Clutter

Dark colours make a room feel close and cramped, which visually shrinks a room. Horizontal stripes pull a viewer’s eye down and across, which also makes a room feel smaller to the eye. Clutter can make even the biggest of rooms feel cramped and airless, so avoiding unnecessary items in a small room is paramount.

Colours that Make Small Rooms Seem Bigger

There are a number of colours that can be used to make any small room feel larger than it is. Colours that come in pastel shades make a room feel more open, as do bright colours like yellow and lighter shades of orange. Pastels are a great choice for any small room, because they allow more aspects of the colour wheel to be represented.
The other colour group that makes small rooms feel larger is the cool colours, such as greens, blues and purples. Although these colours should be used in lighter shades, like lilac, sky blue or pastel or lime green, the cool colour family can make a small room seem much bigger than it is. Here’s a video giving a lot of great detail:

Using Patterns to Make Small Rooms Seem Bigger

While horizontal stripes make a room feel flat and small, vertical stripes can make a room seem taller and bigger than it is. Irregularly sized stripes, pinstripes and stripes in alternating colours can create interesting visual elements that draw the eye upward and make the room feel large.
Decals or designs along the ceiling can also draw the eye up, making the room seem taller than it is. Choose a black or dark design to use along the top of the room to really make a statement.

making a room look spaceyWhen choosing artwork or picture frames for a small room, use long, narrow pieces to emphasise the height of the room and continue to draw the eye upward. This can help enhance the illusion of space in the room. Using accents like pillows with stripes and tall candles and lamps can also enhance the illusion of height. To be sure why not take a look at this post on how to make a small room seem larger. it’s a lot of great detail that’ll help improve the value of your home.
Using the right colours, patterns and accents in a small room can make all the difference. Avoiding clutter and dark colours in favour of clean designs and bright colours can make any small room seem spacious.

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