How To Get More Money From Your Home

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Selling your home is one thing. Getting a good price for it is another. Even celebrities struggle to find buyers willing to pay top dollar for mansions since the recession. As a result, cutting asking prices has become a routine part of putting a home on the market.

But what if you plan to move to a more expensive pad? What if you need an extra couple of pennies for your purse?

We offer some simple steps to add some zeroes to your property’s price tag.

1.     Insulation
Insulation is never high on a homebuyer’s wish list, but it is essential. Insulation helps to reduce energy bills and ensures your home is environmentally friendly. Both can make a home more desirable – and more valuable.

2.     Kitchen
Kitchens are one of the more expensive options, but there are always cheaper ways to achieve the same effect: new cupboard doors or tiles can create that “new kitchen” feel for half the cost.

3.    Loft Conversion
Lofty ambitions are a bad thing, but if your home has a large attic, why not convert your loft into an additional room? Bigger living space brings bigger bucks.

4.    Garden
Gardens are one of the priorities for family house hunters, so make sure yours is up to scratch. Professional landscaping may be beyond your budget but tidying up can help. From planting some new flowers to removing the weeds, green fingers equal green notes.

5.    Colouring In
You don’t have to break the bank to boost your home’s value. Try changing the colour of your front door; a fresh lick of paint to your cupboards; some fresh wallpaper in the living room. Sometimes it’s the little touches that can have the biggest effect.

Follow any of these simple steps and you should see your home’s value increase.  Or, for the maximum possible price boost, do all of them at once. A new, insulated kitchen installed in your loft with some freshly painted plants? Who wouldn’t pay more for that?

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