How To Find Property With Land For Sale In The UK

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Finding property with land for sale in the UK can be a daunting task and you may have to think a little more laterally to find land in your chosen area. Here, we will look at some of the less obvious ways to find that illusive dream property. You will need to be very proactive because this kind of search will require more legwork than the usual web search and estate agent.

Web Research

The first port of call for most people searching for any kind of property or land (or even land to rent), will be the established online sources. You can of course start with the usual property web portals and other property for sale portals such as ‘for sale by owner’ web sites or country house sale specialists. All of these are easily searchable online.

Offline Searching

If you take the search offline then a good place to start, particularly if you want land for sale, would be rural farms for sale, or farmers trade magazines such as farmers weekly or equestrian magazines. Horse lovers often need a fair bit of land for their animals. Farm land can sometimes be re zoned to allow further building but you would need to check with the local council for the planning permits required.

Local newspapers for the area you wish to search in will usually carry adverts for locals with land to sell in the UK too. Solicitors who deal with probate can also be a great source.

Government & Large Organisations

You may not realise this, but the government still holds a lot of land in the UK. When disposing of land they will generally sell at auction. You can also find the owner of any property on the land registry web site. Whilst looking at government sites, you should check the empty homes and homes at risk register. The National Trust, Landmark and English Heritage are all good sources, and don’t forget to check their accompanying magazines which have adverts in the back from sellers.

Property Auctions

Local water authorities occasionally sell off their land and property, which can sometimes be in idyllic locations. These can be found at auctions across the country. Auctions will be a good source for builders selling off the plots they have been holding, repossessed property, and commercial property that could possibly be re classed for residential use.

One last thought is to check the web sites and companies that deal with pubs for sale. Many pubs have found the current economic climate too difficult and have closed. Lots of rural freehold pubs have land attached and beautiful old buildings that can be converted to residential use. Really it all depends on how much land you require and for what purpose.

If you are really having trouble finding the right plot, then a buying agent can be a very useful person to know. Their contacts can often dig up a that little gem with just the right amount of land for your needs. lastly, remember that those who rent land may also be open to selling it if you ask.

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