Q How can I invest?

A You can invest from £5,000 to £20,000

Q What happens next?

A Our expert trader will trade your money for you on the FTSE 100 only.

Q How quickly does my money grow?

A Our expert traders allow compounding which will vastly speed up the returns you get.

Q Is this regulated?

A Yes it is fully regulated and is approved as a SIPP investment.

Q Is this a seasoned product?

A Yes, it has been around for many years and only trades in the top 100 stocks.

Q Can I get my money out easily?

A Yes, there are no long term tie in and easy access to your funds.

Q Are there any fees?

A Yes there is a fee of £895  to join the investment fund.

Q What are the returns?

A They vary between 4-20% depending on stock market fluctuations.

CFD trading is considered high risk. Please note, this fund is awaiting new regulations completion. We act as introducers only and anyone wishing to invest should seek independent advice.

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