Property Or Development Finance & Funding

Property or Development Finance/Funding

property development finance or funding

  • Non high street lenders used.
  • Provable track record required.
  • No new developers unless part of JV with experienced.
  • Minimum loan values £150k.
  • New builds preferred or residential conversions considered.
  • Developer must put in up to 50% of plot price as minimum.
  • Loan To value 50-60% of gross development value.
  • Project must be ready to start.
  • Funds released in 4-5 stage payments after inspection.
  • Detailed project analysis & costs required.
  • Each development judged on it’s own merit.
  • Interest can be rolled up till end with some lenders.

Self Build Project Funding

self build finance

  1. Can only be used for a main residence build only.
  2. Half a dozen lenders will do this finance.
  3. Up to 75% Loan To Value loan given.
  4. Stage payments of funding paid in arrears.
  5. Affordability linked.
  6. Self employed allowed, calculated at around 4 x your net profits.
  7. Employed- 3- 4 times salary given as multiple.
  8. Simple loan- one interest rate throughout loan term.
  9. Will lend up to 75% of land cost + 75% build costs.
  10. Loan will be pulled if attempt to use for property development.

ECO Property Developments

  • 75% of land value and 75% of project costs.
  • Each ECO addition reduces interest rate by 0.25% up to 1.5% max
  • Simple loan rate and rules as above.

Asset Based Finance

asset finance

  • Short term loans-higher than bridging rates.
  • Fast finance from private lending sources.
  • Lending based on your luxury tangible assets such as;
  • Art, cars, jewelry,personal number plates etc.
  • Quick turnaround on loan deposit-usually 48hours.
  • Raise finance from you existing non property assets.
  • Can get you out of trouble very quickly.

Bridging & Unencumbered Property Financ

unencumbered property finance

  1. Your mortgage free property is valued.
  2. A loan is underwritten for up to 60% of the value.
  3. You can draw down on the loan as you wish.

Bridging Finance

  1. Loans from 1-2% per month for short term finance use.
Commercial Loan Write Down & Refinance