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As you know here at My Property Mentor we only promote our own products or items that we have road tested ourselves. We do this so that we can remain independent in the property arena and so that we can keep our ethical stance for how we do business.

If you are a budding investor and want to expand your knowledge of property investing techniques with quick and easy methods then we currently offer the following products to help you gain a more rounded knowledge.

Whether you would like to learn more about being a landlord, buying or selling property or joint ventures, our ebooks can help you.

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buy and sell property,where to start, basic tax & advanced tax strategies, due diligence, mortgages & finance

Buying & Selling Property

This 40 page ebook covers everything from where to start, basic tax, due diligence, mortgages and finance, getting your own leads for off market property and some more advanced tax strategies.

This ebook is collated information from our own experiences, blogs, expert guest articles and from my own mentoring course which is no longer available elsewhere. Heres a snapshot of the index page:


Contents Ebooks

1 Where to begin, definitions & questions.
2 How and where to do proper due diligence.
3 Tips for using estate and letting agents to get deals.
4 Raising Finance with mortgages & joint ventures.
5 Problems with strategies taught at networking events.
6 Tax tips including using LTD companies, Trusts & IBCs.
7 How to get the property valuations right.
8 Various ways to get your own deals.
9 Tips for buying property at auction.
10 Probate property, how and if to buy.

Only £5.95

top tips how to be a property landlord-ebook by Roberta Ward

How To Be A Landlord

This 37 page ebook is compiled from our own experiences along with advice from our top blogs and articles plus expert advice from Sarah Beeny. We have added information from our own mentoring course which is no longer available online.

We cover everything from where to start, basic tax, different kinds of letting, legal stuff you need to know, and much more. Heres a snapshot of the index page:


Contents Ebooks

1 Where to begin, definitions & questions.
2 How to source and keep tenants.
3 Tips for using letting agents.
4 Credit checking tenants.
6 HMOs, housing benefit,student lets,lodgers,multi-lets.
7 Various legal information you need to know.
8 AST legalities and long lease tips.
9 How to ride out a tough market.
10 Should I repair my sash windows before sale?
12 Insurance, tenant theft, when a tenant stops paying.

Only £5.95

how to create property joint ventures- ebook by Roberta Ward

Achieving Successful Joint Ventures

Looking for new ways to finance deals in a tough market? Have you thought about joint ventures but havent got a clue where to start? Save yourself time and costly mistakes, learn about Joint Ventures first with this easy to read book.

To fully understand the low down on creating successful joint ventures our in depth e-book is over 60 pages long. Take a look at just how much is in this book click the button to view the index page


Contents Ebooks

1 How the various structures of a joint venture work.
2 How to structure a deal properly and your exit strategies.
3 How to assess the profits and pitfalls of joint ventures.
4 Some real life case studies of good and bad deals.
5 Understanding the tax implications for your deals.
6 What to do when things go wrong with your JVs.
7 Examples of the strategies for Joint Venture success.
8 Why your credit rating is important to your deals.
9 Where to look to find a partner for a joint venture.
10 A free joint venture agreement to use / change.
11 Some legalities around agreements.

Only £9.95