Design Week: Curvy Modular Kitchen Concepts

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This week I am bringing together a whole host of designers to give you their ideas on design issues. Many of these folks are my Twitter buddies who I have met recently at Surface Design Show and Ecobuild. Today I’m filling in for one of our design bloggers that has had to drop out due to illness.
For a while now Ive been fascinated with the concept of both wavy and circular kitchens. This trend seems to be coming more and more mainstrem every day.

Tastes are changing. Whilst perusing B&Q the other day (yes I am that person!)I noticed again the wavy fronted designs on offer. I believe this is a small step to introducing a more curvaceous design concept into the mind set and pockets of the general public.

Personally I love the wavy fronted designs and curved edging. Anyone who has walked past an island unit carrying a tray and bashed their hip along the way will probably feel the same!

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