Conquer Your Fear Of Investing

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Whether you choose to believe we are in a recession or not, it cannot be denied, that as a country we are certainly not in a boom time. In times of recession, or as the government to like to spin it “negative growth”(!) what tends to happen is a change of mindset away from optimism and towards fear or negativity. However, learning to conquer your fear of investing will eventually make you much more wealthy, both mentally and financially.

Negative Media Feeds Fear Of Investing

Conquering the fear of investing is hard enough and is often compounded by the media who like a good scare story. Consequently what incurs is a general feeling of apathy and a fear of trying new things. Press coverage can be so negative that potential investors end up rooted to the spot like a dear caught in headlights. I’ve witnessed this a lot lately with companies who go through the process of deciding to invest in new products or services, get 90% of the way down the road, and then pull out at the last minute due to the ‘what if it all goes wrong’ mind set. Fear is a powerful root.

There Are No Real Guarantees -Only Risk Factors

Everyone seems to want cast iron guarantees that nothing will go wrong with stuff they want to invest in or investments in general. Well, I hate to break it to you, but in business, things go wrong. All investment requires some risk. That, is a fact. Get over it. There is no need to cut off your nose to spite your face- as the saying goes. If you don’t take a risk there will be no reward. No investment model will have 100% guarantee behind it. All you can do is weigh up the potential risks versus the potential reward and make an informed decision.

An Example

Take our Forex investment as a good example. It requires a minimum investment of £20k, but, returns a regular 4% PER MONTH compounded. It’s not ‘guaranteed,’ but, the traders are all forced to trade their own money alongside yours, and, the fund manager matches your investment level with the same amount from their own pool. So if the investment should dip below the stake, it’s topped up from the pool until it recovers. Pretty safe huh?

This is one of the best investments we have seen in a long time, and it pays out as regular as clockwork. If you want to get ahead financially, the only way to do that is to conquer your fear of investing and plan ahead for your future. If you diversify your investments, then you will, by definition, mitigate more of the risk. If you mainly invest in property or stocks, put some money elsewhere. Have some long term investments, and some shorter term. Spreading the risk will mitigate the potential losses and risks.

Now then, one last thought, what if you were to combine a great investment or two, with a super efficient tax system. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile looking into? We can help you with both, contact us for more details.

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