Ethics In Business

Truth, Honesty, Openness

These are the guiding principles which drive our business. As a company we steer clear of ‘get rich quick’ marketeers who just want to sell you a course.

We help people understand the truth behind the various methods of property investing via our products, workshops, digital media channels, blogs and revolutionary collaborative networking events.

In all aspects of our business we are extremely careful who we link with. That may be just a simple text link out from us to another company, or literally the people we choose to work with on a daily basis.

It has been a big challenge keeping a moral compass in property investing. Our stance is to connect with and help people who have the same way of thinking and doing business as ourselves.

This is why we don’t sell property ‘bmv’ deals or other products on behalf of someone else – ever.

Watch Our Video About Business Ethics

We spend time examining those we do business with. The higher your profile becomes, the more people want to be seen to work with you.

We never directly recommend anyone on our web site that we have not worked with personally. That way, if we loose money, then at least it’s just us and not any clients of ours.

We have developed our own code of ethics over time because of the disgust we felt at the way property investing has been hijacked by the marketing sharks who just want to fleece the unsuspecting less experienced investor.

We Don’t Work With Them If We Are Not Completely Comfortable

We are often asked – “What is ethical property investing?” It effects everything we do and how we interact with those who come into contact with us. We believe that you can be open and also have high moral standards. In fact we feel so strongly about this that we wrote 3 blogs to explain it further.

1) 5 Types Of Reputation Stalkers
2) 5 Signs To Spot Unethical Business Approaches
3) What Is Ethical Property Investing