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If you would like a quick overview, watch our video above.

We are primarily a small team of property professionals, tax and investing specialists who have learned the hard way – through experience. At My Property Mentor we don’t claim to be all things to all men, instead we will introduce you to the experts who are the best at what they do. Our investing and tax specialists are very experienced and serve to help you gain long term wealth.

Our experts will show you where to get the best investment returns, how to deal with your tax effectively by using specialist trusts so that you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible. The people we recommend are the best at what they do and fully regulated or legal professionals who adhere to strict codes of ethics.

We also road test all the investments ourselves before we recommend them. In other words, we take the risk first before passing it on to you.

In everything we do at My Property Mentor we strive to keep an ethical and open stance. If you would like more information about tax and investing please contact us here. We are involved in media and promotion of ethical property investing. This involves, social media channels, traditional media amongst others. Our blog is now ranked number 6 in all UK property blogs.

How We Can Help You

We want to add massive value to your property business whilst helping you to improve your industry contacts and knowledge of property investing techniques.This gives you long term cash flow and growth in the buy to let, renovations or investment property sales sector.

Our aim at My Property Mentor is to help you understand property investing strategies that work for you, and to connect you to the right people at the right levels to move your knowledge and techniques forward.

We have been helping people for many years and building a reputation for ‘telling it like it is’ via our previous live streamed interactive networking meetings, forum posts, blogs, Twitter and various other digital media channels, whilst promoting ethical business practices. We are passionate about getting investors to understand what they are undertaking and stripping away the hype.

Things We Can Help You With

  •  If you are having trouble with your portfolio, or the bank is calling in your loans.
  •  Finance for property developments.
  •  Angel investors.
  •  Tax trusts for income, pensions or assets.
  •  Investments that work.
  •  Our blog can help beginners to property with masses of free tips and hints.