5 Ways Custom Furniture Can Add Value To Your Home

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This post was sponsored by Neville Johnson, a custom furniture designer and fitter. Neville Johnson launched its flagship showroom on Wigmore St, London, in May this year.

In the words of the Financial Times, the housing market ‘remains muted’. With sales of homes struggling to get back to previous highs, it has perhaps never been more important for sellers to maximise the value of their home and make it attractive to prospective buyers.

But as many households tighten the purse strings, knowing which improvements will add more value to your home than their initial outlay can be tricky.
New kitchens, bathrooms and extensions may seem like the most obvious ways to add value to your property, but consider a less costly yet still valuable investment: custom made furniture. Here are five ways custom furniture can add value to your home.

Custom Furniture Maximises Space

Unusual proportions, walls that jut out or slanted ceilings can make it difficult for free-standing furniture to slot into a room. Because they weren’t designed especially for your room, means that often they create dead space. By opting for a custom or fitted furniture solution, you can ensure every bit of space gets used to its fullest.

Storage Solutions

Everyone needs storage, whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, home office or elsewhere.

Custom made furniture can give you clever solutions that turn dead space into handy storage space, keeping your home clutter free and attractive to potential buyers.

Easy Style That Costs Nothing To Maintain

Well designed, high spec bespoke furniture looks stylish and costs nothing to maintain. Quality furniture lasts decades, but chose designs that are classically stylish rather than outlandish – this way it will appeal to a broader range of tastes.

Make The Most Of What You’ve Got

You’re paying for every inch of your home; why not make the most out of it? Is there room for a walk in wardrobe or en-suite? Turn unused space in to something that will give your home the edge over others, by making it more desirable and therefore more valuable.

Get The Benefit Before You Move

Property expert Phil Spencer has some wise words, “There is no point improving your home just before you sell. You might as well do the work straightaway if you can and get the benefit out of it yourself,” he says. The process of selling a home can be lengthy, so by updating now you can reap the benefits of your improvements for months to come.

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