20 Tips To Save Money In Your Home This Winter

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I was having a Twitter chat this morning which ended with me firing out an impromptu list of general money saving tips for around the home in winter time. Many people told me how good they were, so for the benefit of those that may not chat with us on Twitter and missed them I thought I would repeat them here.

Top Tips For Saving Money In The Home

  1. Every 1 degree you turn your heating down saves between 5- 10 percent off your heating bill.
  2. Most plumbers will tell you that boiler water temperature should be 60 degrees. Turning it down to 50 degrees will save you masses in heating bills. If you have to add a lot of cold water to a bath then the thermostat is too high. Also, the boiler will have to work less hard, saving you electric too :-)
  3. If you have rooms you don’t use very often, turn down/ off the radiator thermostat.
  4. Close your curtains when darkness falls, and move furniture away from radiators to allow warm air to circulate in the room.
  5. Odd but true; clean the air vent on tumble dryers, restricted flow makes it work harder using more electric.
  6. The govt low carbon program offers grants of up to £2500 for energy saving installations such as insulation.
  7. Open fireplaces can suck heat from a room. Better to fit a multi fuel burning stove or similar if you want a real fire, or close off the fireplace.
  8. Lag your water pipes! Especially any boiler pipes that are outside.last year most call outs were because of unlagged pipes.
  9. Get a jacket for your hot water cylinder and save 75% in heat loss.
  10. Only use the dishwasher/washing machine if its full, also, washing at 30 degrees will save up to three quarters of the cost when compared to of highest temperature washes.
  11. Use the Eco feature on your dishwasher whenever possible if it has one.
  12. Insulate the loft and save 15% off your heating bill. Check out Govts Green deal and other incentives for help with cost too.
  13. Get a multi-socket cable which allows you to switch off TVs/ vide/ dvds /computers etc in one go over night.
  14. Don’t fill the kettle if you only need one cup of water for tea etc.
  15. Simple but true- fix dripping hot water taps, they can waste up to half a bath of hot water over a week of dripping.
  16. Open internal doors in sunny rooms, the suns heat will penetrate / circulate and add extra heat for free.
  17. Draughts make a home cold. Before winter sets, in buy some draught excluder to put around your doors etc
  18. Turn down your heating at least an hour before bed.
  19. Use an electric blanket to warm the bed so you can keep the heating very low or off at night.Turn it off before yo go to sleep as body your temperature and bedding will keep the bed warm whilst asleep.
  20. Turning down your heating thermostat will save energy that your fridge uses, because the hotter the room harder fridge works to keep cool.

If you have any more tips please do add them in the comments section below

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