Finance & Wealth & Creation

  • Bank Loan Restructures: We can help if you have banks calling in loans, NRAM issues, banks forcing new rates or calling in LPA’s/ forcing bankruptcy.
  • Property & Development Finance: Where to get property / development finance / funding.
  • Tax Mitigation: Learn how to keep more pounds in tax in your pocket by paying little tax – legally!
  • Angel Investors & Venture Capital:Review your business & drive it forward. Our business advisers, angel investors & venture capitalists show you how.
  • Investing: Easy access CFD investments via experienced traders with monthly investment returns at 1-8% compounded per month return.

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Build Your Industry Contacts

  • Build your industry contacts & knowledge of  property investing by using our property development finance, finding joint venture business partners with angel investment or venture capital for projects.
  • Techniques for long term cash flow and growth for buy to let landlords, property developing or investment property sales.
  • E-Books: Need a quick way to get top tips all in one place? We now have a selection of ebooks on How To Be A Landlord, Creating Profitable Joint Ventures, Buying & Selling property.
  • We tell you the truth about property, investing and wealth building, not the marketing fluff.

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We Blog To Help

  • Guest Blogs from the lovely Sarah Beeny at Tepilo, Barratt Homes, broadsheet journalist Graham Norwood, RightMove, Zoopla & over 60 other property expert guest blogs.
  • Content Includes Eco Issues, Property & Landlord Tips, Agents, Design & Architecture, Social Media In Property, Finance, Banking,Restorations, Legal Issues, property development & more.
  • We can write for you – Ask us about writing an blog for YOU!
  • Advertise with us: Our wide reach across the internet and large social media audience means your article on our site will have great click through rates, we even promote your article to our networks.

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Investing For Wealth

Want to make your money work harder for you by investing it where it’s not tied it up for months or years on end?

Would you like monthly instant access returns at 1-8% compounded monthly- with instant access? Our investments can turn £20,000 into a return of £30,000 in just 12 months. We recommend three main wealth creation tools:

  • Our CFD Trader Funds (SIPP’s included)
  • Commercial SIP investments

We are happy for you to meet the traders and investment specialists who will be making money for you. We do not recommend faceless companies.

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Save Money Tax Mitigation

Are you fed up seeing 40…50..60% of your income disappear at source into government tax coffers?

In reality, we are taxed in the region of 120 pence for every £1 we spend. Did you know that 3 out of 5 tax codes are wrong – and that taxpayers are unaware of it?

What could you do with all that extra money in your pocket? We can show you the most powerful, fully legal ways to mitigate your tax liability.

The wealthy already use these systems, now you can too. Bring your self employed tax liability down and limit your pension tax liabilities for you and your descendents.

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Pensions Protection & Growth

Governments are frittering away your pension fund and constantly raiding them for cash.

Have you built a pension but would like to move it to a more lucrative investment. Want to learn how you could use your pension now, to spend  or invest as youplease regardless of age?

Don’t wait for the government to dictate when and how much of YOUR pension you can use, or when you can take it. Take action now!

Or, maybe you would like to know what type of SIPP investments work best for pension pots? Our regulated advisers can show you the best way forward.

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NEW! E-Book Downloads

Property Joint Ventures

Have you been looking for new new ways to finance deals in a tough market? Thought about joint ventures but haven’t got a clue where to start? Save yourself time & costly mistakes, learn about Joint Ventures with our easy read ebook of over 55 pages, everything from structuring,to where to find partners, tax, dealing with problems.

How To Be A Landlord

Our 37 page ebook is compiled from our own experiences along with advice from our top blogs and articles plus expert advice from Sarah Beeny. Includes extra information from our mentoring course, which is not available anywhere else online. We cover everything from where to start, basic tax, different kinds of letting, legal stuff you need to know,& more.

Buying & Selling Property

This 40 page ebook covers everything from where to start, basic tax & advanced tax strategies, due diligence, mortgages and finance, getting your own leads for off market property & what to avoid. This ebook is collated from our own experiences, blogs, expert guest articles & our previous mentoring course which is no longer available.

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Our reputation is for ethical property & wealth investing. We ‘tell it like it is’ via our blogs, Twitter & social media.

Tax Saving Trusts for Self Employed, Pensions, assets. Help with commercial mortgage loan write downs & property finance.Plus! via top UK property blog. Watch video >

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How To Be A Landlord
How To Buy And Sell Property.
Creating Profitable Joint Ventures

We show you all the basics from our years of experience in our three affordable ebooks for the beginner.


Wealth creation, investments, advanced tax strategies, pension investing methods. Tax Saving/investments

We can write down/ refinance commercial business loans in LPA/ repossession

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